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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news. the massive nor'easter battering areas hardest hit by sandy. a foot of snow, powering winds over 60 miles per hour, taking one trees and power lines, for thousands of hurricane victims just back on their feet. our extreme weather team has the latest from the storm zone. wall street worries. the worst day of the year for your money. the stocks plummet the day after the election. what's behind the huge plunge? and what it means for your bank account. high-speed heist. a jaw-dropping robbery in the middle of the day. thieves on motorcycles, ripping off hundreds of thousands in jewelry. and it's all caught on tape.
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and girl power. the 9-year-old tearing up the gridiron, leaving the boys in her dust. we'll hear from the boys she's beating. and we'll talk to her, live. good morning, everyone. boy, sam is about the prettiest running back i've ever seen. >> she is. i can say that, as a former cheerleader. >> hello to robin, recovering. as you see, elizabeth vargas is here. president obama back at the white house right now. his first big challenge, negotiate a new budget deal with congress. the speaker of the house says he's open -- suggests he's open to a compromise on taxes. and you have to pay attention to this. these negotiations are going to affect everyone's taxes before next year. we're going to get into that just ahead. >> huge news on taxes.
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we also have huge medical news this morning. a headline. new evidence that the prescription drugs that millions of americans take to help their heart may cut their cancer risk by as much as 15%. that is a big, big headline. >> sure is. also, caught on tape. the shocking surveillance video that reveals what happened when a delta commuter jet was stolen in utah by a rogue pilot. an incredible story. you do not want to miss. >> wow. first, we're going to get to the nor'easter slamming the region, the same region ravished by hurricane sandy. sam and our extreme weather team are covering it all inside the storm zone. we start with sam champion. hey, sam. >> last night, four to six inches of snow in new york city. as the temperatures come up this morning, roads in midtown are already clear. but what a storm. 50-mile-per-hour to 70-mile-per-hour winds. 13 inches of snow coming from this thing. look at the top performers. these are the areas that picked up the most snow. a quick look at the live shot
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from foxborough, massachusetts. here's the top performers collecting 13 inches, the highest total we could find. and certainly, the numbers step down from there. with that snow total, central park, 4.7 officially. that makes it the sixth snowiest on record just with that snowstorm. take a look at where that snow seemed to be deposited, just inland. that top new jersey total is just about 30 miles, 15 to 30 miles off the shoreline of new jersey. inland areas really collecting the snow. the big concern was what was going to happen to the areas that had just been pounded by one storm and then get pounded by another? our ginger zee is standing there on the jersey shore. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here in the rockaways of new york. and the pictures we have shown you of the twisted metal, the trash that is lying in heaps that was people's lives, now covered with a fresh two to three inches of snow. it's more than just an icy hiccup for the hundreds of thousands displaced and the tens of thousands trying to get these communities back to normal.
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overnight, just nine days after sandy's insult, it seemed like mother nature was adding a whole lot of injury to the east coast. a record-breaking nor'easter, landing straight in the heart of sandy's devastation. >> residents who do not have -- >> reporter: the storm dumping over a foot of snow in new jersey. eight inches of snow in massachusetts. and ten in connecticut. the wet, wintry mix brought howling winds of over 60 miles per hour. and with it, more downed trees and electrical lines. power was knocked out in new york and new jersey for nearly 60,000 victims of sandy, who had just gotten it back. adding to the 700,000 who still are without power since last week. >> i just want heat. i want heat for my kids. >> reporter: the storm brought highways to a standstill, grounded 1,700 flights and brought the long island railroad, one of the country's biggest commuter rails, to a screeching halt.
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leaving thousands of rush hour commuters stranded for hours. >> i want to go home. it looks like mother nature hates us. again, forced to evacuate., once >> cops are going around, telling us we have to evacuate immediately. >> where are they going to put us? we're human beings. >> reporter: the snowfall drove fema and the red cross' relief efforts out of one of the hardest-hit areas, staten island, leaving many behind amidst the frozen debris. >> it's awful. it's beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. >> reporter: the man standing behind my camera right now told me this morning when i got here that he was in long island. he's one of the thousands that lost power again last night. that heavy, wet snow was snapping all of the wires and the trees around him. heavy, wet snow is where we find our matt gutman. he's in connecticut. >> reporter: that's right, ginger. this is what record snowfall feels like. it's wet. it's heavy. and very, very dangerous.
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a record of ten inches here. well check this out with this handy stick. about a foot deep here. causing two deaths on the roadways, dozens of accidents. the governor of this state has dispatched every, single d.o.t. crew out there to try to clean up the roads. we see some sagging power lines and sagging trees. but so far, no major damage. back to george. >> thanks, matt. we turn to the fallout from president obama's sweeping victory on tuesday. as he returns to the white house, the republican party's trying to figure out what went wrong and what changes they need to make. jonathan karl is here. and the soul-searching has just begun. >> reporter: that's right, george. the republicans blew a historic opportunity to beat a president that was suffering low approval ratings and high unemployment. instead, they suffered huge losses across the board and are struggling to find a way forward. in the wake of such a big victory for democrats, a humbled speaker of the house, john boehner, struck a conciliatory
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tone. after keeping control of the house, but losing seats. he signaled a possible willingness to compromise on taxes and extended an olive branch to the president. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be led. not as democrats or republicans, but as americans. let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> reporter: rush limbaugh almost seemed at a loss of words when describing the republican defeat. >> i went to bed last night thinking, we're outnumbered. i went to bed last night thinking we lost the country. >> reporter: as returns were still rolling in, sarah palin seemed stunned. >> unfortunately, we know what we will get with four more years of obama. this really is a catastrophic setback to our economy. it's a perplexing time for many of us right now. >> reporter: in high-profile races from the top on down, it was a night of republican concession speeches. >> i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> things don't always turn out the way you think they're going
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to. >> reporter: now, the question is, how to bring the party back from political exile. in five out of the last six presidential races, republicans lost the popular vote. the defeat was especially crushing among the largest voting group, women. as well as the fastest-growing voting group, hispanics. >> i think republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color. >> reporter: what could be the opening salvo of the 2016 republican primary. some in the party are lashing out at new jersey governor chris christie, for giving the president a boost for his handling of sandy. christie insists that's nonsense. that he worked harder, with the possible exception of paul ryan, to get mitt romney elected. george? >> thanks, jon. we turn to nicolle wallace. you see some of the lashing out. >> for the love of god, leave chris christie alone. he's our best hope. >> some people looking at the
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romney campaign, saying they blew it. but you argue that the problems are much deeper than that. >> republicans either have to look at the map and say, we saw plenty of red, keep doing the same thing. or they have to decide they want to win national elections. if you want to win national elections, you know, you have to change everything. you have to decide we want to and we can compete everywhere. and you should be able to compete everywhere, with a message of economic opportunity. but you can't simply pass on the debates about all of the social issues. >> not only everywhere, but with everyone. i saw the conservative union say, the party's too old, too white, too male. >> i love chairman al. and he's absolutely right. when you simply concede women, it's most puzzling at all. we're not a minority. we're not a special interest group. we're more than half of the country. it's taken a path on the war on women and say, they don't care about that. they want economic prosperity. we want both. we want intellectually accessible and intelligent
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answers about social issues. and we want the economic opportunity. there's more women small business owners in this country than men. i think women, i think minorities, i think everybody wants the same thing. but republicans have got to modernize the message. and what happens at this juncture is always the same thing. we talk about a war in the republican party between the moderates and the conservatives. that's an irrelevant and outdated debate. it's about modernizing the language, making it relevant to our time. >> i want to quickly put up, what happened in the state of new hampshire tuesday night. the entire state, led by women. there you see it right there. the governor, both senators, both members of congress, all women in the state of new hampshire right now. nicolle wallace, thank you very much. tonight on "world news," diane sawyer will have an exclusive interview with the most powerful republican in washington right now, house speaker, john boeh r boehner. let's go to josh and top stories. >> the worst day of the year for your money.
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$300,000 in market value gone. the question is, why? another question, what can we expect in the days ahead? weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, with answers here. >> reporter: what an ugly day it was yesterday. two things are making the markets nervous here. europe is one of them. the debt crisis there is putting new pressure on germany's economy. and riots are breaking out in greece because the government there is forced to slash jobs. the other crisis is here at home. that so-called fiscal cliff looming. if congress fails to act, spending cuts and tax increases will kick in, costing the average american household, some $3,700 next year. you heard jon karl mention, house speaker boehner is looking to compromise with democrats and raids taxes under the right conditions to stop us from going over that fiscal cliff. we'll see in the days and weeks ahead whether wall street believes that's possible.
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>> thank you for that. meanwhile, today, for the first time, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will come face-to-face with the man who almost took her life. giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, will be in the courtroom before jared loughner. loughner shot giffords in the head and wounded 12 others in january last year. and great news overnight. surgeons at children's hospital in philadelphia have successfully separated 8-month-old conjoined twins. allison and amelia tucker, joined at the lower chest and stomach before the seven-hour surgery. the lead doctor says, once the girls recover, they should be able to leave full, healthy and independent lives. they have a 2-year-old brother back in upstate new york who is very eager for his sisters to come back home. and we wish all of you well, from here at "good morning america." >> what a great story.
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thank you, josh. >> you bet. we're going to turn, now, to some stunning surveillance video just released of a stolen passenger jet hitting an airport terminal. in the cockpit, a fugitive pilot suspected of killing his girlfriend. abc's jim avila is here with this very bizarre story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. cameras everywhere, especially at airports. and a new view at a brazen attempt to steal and then escape justice in a passenger jet. the newly-released surveillance video captures just how a stolen delta connection plane went from this, to this, a crumpled commer jet at the st. george, utah, airport. from multiple angles, the video shows how that stolen plane and the air terminal were damaged back in july at the hands of a distraught rogue airline pilot on a suicide mission. >> we reversed the jet. then, he put it in drive, so to speak. >> reporter: watch as the plane pulls away from the jet bridge. then, from the wide view, the
7:14 am
out-of-control jet, bumping over speed bumps before damaging 14 cars. this angle shows the speed. we'll slow it down in a moment. but watch how fast the jet is taxiing at the hands of the fugitive captain. slowed down, you can read the plane's branding as it goes by. this camera view is from the rental car building. the jet's left wing clips the side of the terminal. even after the jet is out of frame, the blast from the jet continues to blow debris. unable to take off, the pilot, brian joseph hedglin committed suicide in the passenger cabin. he was on the run from colorado, where he allegedly killed his girlfriend. a desperate act, police say, of a desperate man, leaving the with damage, a multimillion-dollar plane and two lives lost. trying to get to the runway, he never made it. >> that's something. we have a story about a man who spent more than three
7:15 am
decades in prison for a murder he insists he did not commit. 77-year-old bill macumber says his wife set him up. >> i've been following this case for about two years ago. it was remarkable to see bill macumber to walk out of prison, after decades long against the ex-wife who he says framed him and the powerful governor who refused to set him free. you're looking at the first moments of freedom for a man who has spent 30-plus years trying to convince the world he's innocent. >> a big day. this is a family day. >> reporter: in the 1970s, bill macumber, was convicted of killing two young adults in the desert of arizona. his son, ron, grew up believing his dad was a monster. until years ago, he got a call from a lawyer, telling him -- >> we think your father's innocent. and we think your mom framed him. >> reporter: at the time of the arrest, bill and carol macumber's marriage was falling apart. and carol was working at the sheriff's office, where she had
7:16 am
access to the evidence in the murder. >> i don't have any doubt anymore that my mom did this. >> reporter: did you frame your husband? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: we tracked ron's mother down. and she agreed to this, her first and only tv interview. the notion that your son would say that you're capable of acting in a diabolical fashion is a damming statement. >> critical thinking is not one of ron's better skills. >> reporter: ron wasn't the only one that believed his father. the clemency board recommended that macumber's sentence be commuted. however, the governor of arizona, jan brewer, refused to sign off and refused to talk to the family or us. my name is dan harris. we showed up unannounced at one of her news conferences. >> i sent your office two e-mails and a letter. no response. >> i appreciate your concerns. but i made my decision and it's final. >> we're done today. >> reporter: governor, it's your board. on wednesday, two years after that confrontation, with
7:17 am
macumber's lawyers launching a strong, last-ditch effort to clear his name in court, prosecutors finally agreed to a plea deal that set macumber free. >> good luck to you, sir. >> thank you, your honor. >> it's worth pointing out that macumber could have walked free many years ago if he pled guilty. he steadfastly refused to do so. >> that confrontation with the governor, why was she so insistent on this? >> she said it was doing the right thing. it was a tough decision. but it was her call to make. and she believed he had not been exonerated. the family of macumber believed she was doing it for political reasons. >> any comment from her now that he's been released? >> not yet. we're trying to get comment from her and his ex-wife. >> he's not been formally exonerated? >> no. in fact, prosecutors went out of their way to say, he is guilty in the eyes of the state. he pleaded no contest at this point. however, as i pointed out, he could have pleaded guilty at any point in the last couple of years and walked free. and he refused to do so.
7:18 am
he said he would rather die in prison. >> and a lot of evidence to suggest he did not do it. thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> what a night last night, gang. new york getting back on its feet and moving around, after two storms in a row for the northeast. let's show you what the pictures were last night at the peak of the storm. we got snow falling at places like the rockaways. and then, weehawken, new jersey. more folks without power today. that's going to be an issue. but look at the numbers behind this system. watch them warm up. you're almost 60 degrees. by sunday, almost 70 degrees. that's a big warm push of air coming in from the plains, right into the northeast by the time we get to the weekend. but there's a cooling push into the west. and there's nine states that have winter storm watches and warnings in the west, as we watch our next big storm loaded up to move across the country. a quick look at the big board. it's warmer and milder in the middle of the country. it's drier in most of the east. and the northeast will catch up
7:19 am
with the drier idea later today. morning. jeras.ui hello, sunshine. restarting out cloudy. we will have sunny skies this afternoon. 41 degrees at reagan national. mid '60's with clearing skies. blustery, gusts around 30 per hour. you,oronderful warm sunday highs back
7:20 am
>> that was brought to you by macy's. not only is there an east coast storm to talk about. there's a west coast storm to get really into detail with the next half hour. let's go back inside. >> the storms just keep coming around. >> chris christie said i'm waiting for the pestilence and the locusts. >> how much more? you think about the heavy snow and what it's doing to the damaged trees after sandy. >> i'm just thinking about the folks in staten island and new jersey displaced. coming up on "gma," we have another story. the married father accused of terrorizing highway drivers across the midwest in more than two dozen shootings. what made him snap? and the brazen robbery caught on tape. thieves stealing jewelry in a
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:26. i am steve chenevey. jury selection under way in the bowie state student
7:27 am
roommate. killing her charged with first-degree her roommate's death in september 2011. killedtors say simpson over music being played on ipod. she says she was acting in self- defense. and d.c. police investigating a death in northeast d.c. s found lasty wa car on ar a burning brentwood parkway. news channel 8 with an in-depth in a couple minutes at 7:30. check the morning commute. tricky spots. us stick to the american bridge leading burgeon yet. the inner loop of the beltway, i truck, blocking the left lane. as you come out of virginia near of toll road, a little bit volume. right side, completely fine.
7:28 am
the delays from the connector road on 66. accident. the maryland beltway, accident south of college park moved to the shoulder. now to jacqui jeras. like a busy traffic de. day.y weather cloudy. a few breaks in the clouds and will see an increase in on.hine later 40 in a dollars. forecast for today, skies clearing but it will be blustery cool. between 50 and 55. warming up of the next seven days. we will see 60's again. >> thank you for watching. we will see 60's again. >> thank you for watching. we will be back again
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don't let the music fool you. this is real. an actual heist. thies s on motorcycles go into mall. steal jewelry. every single bit of it caught on tape. >> isn't it weird that the motorcycles were riding around? >> they got away. >> they got away. it worked. >> try running after those guys. >> we'll find out exactly what happened in a little bit. good morning, america. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. and we have the married father, accused of targeting drivers. he works at a university. and he's been arrested for 24
7:31 am
shootings on a major interstate in the midwest. why would he do this? we're going to delve into the whole case. he was arrested a day and a half ago. >> this story made a lot of people very nervous. >> very nervous. >> we talked about the one in virginia, as well. and the battle of the exs that's heating up the fashion world. tory burch, versus her former husband, chris, in a real-life "war of the roses." it's getting ugly. >> it's been ugly for a bit. getting uglier. show you this story. not ugly. 9-year-old girl, hottest, little star on the gridiron. i mean, rolling. statistics that would pop the eyes. it's hard to believe how good she is. >> oh, my gosh. >> and wait until you hear what she really wants for christmas, coming right up. >> looking forward to that. right now, we get right to that man arrested for terrorizing highway drivers across michigan.
7:32 am
40-year-old raulie wayne casteel, was arrested for wounding one and leaving countless on-edge. >> reporter: you can bet this morning's commute along the i-96 corridor through four michigan counties will be less terrifying today. drivers worried about traffic instead of bullets. investigators say they got their man. and it's a shocker. he is a husband, father of a preschool-aged daughter. and according to police this morning, he is the i-96 shooter. police 43-year-old raulie casteel is responsible for 24 shootings since mid-october. >> we have the individual we believe to be responsible. >> reporter: casteel was arrested after a raid on his wixom home tuesday night. police say they found handguns used to shoot holes on a terror
7:33 am
spree. miraculously, only one person was hit. that person seen here, on surveillance video, limping into a gas station, looking for help. >> we had so many people afraid to travel down i-96. we had parents pulling their kids out of schools. >> reporter: it was the bullet in this car that police say led them to their big break. the woman, luck to be alive, identified the shooter's car. giving a partial license plate. >> we used policework to find the lead for us to get this guy. >> reporter: but the motive remains a mystery. raulie casteel is a university of michigan state graduate. the family man has no prior arrest record. but his relatives talk of problems. his own mother telling "the detroit free press," she worried he was mentally ill but refused to get help. casteel's aunt telling "the detroit news," he was scared the government was after him.
7:34 am
>> there were statements made by family members with respect to his mental health. we're looking into that, as well. >> reporter: the judge entered the not guilty plea for casteel. additional charges are expected. he's being held on $2 million bond. eluding investigators, the troubling question, why? what motivated the terrifying shooting spree? >> strange. all right, john. thank you so much. for more on the why, we're joined from washington, by chief psychologist for the secret service, dr. rendazo. you say it's key what he told his mother. if anything happens to me, the government may be involved. you say that kind of paranoia could be a clue to what was motivating him? >> absolutely. there's so much we don't know about this case yet. and we're going to be learning as the investigation unfolds. but we've got two big clues here, with what the mother and what his aunt shared with newspapers about the paranoia, about the sense that if anything
7:35 am
happens to me, the government is to blame. this suggests he may have been experiencing what we call a break with reality, which may indicate some developing mental disorder, like a psychosis. >> most people that develop these delusions do so in their teens or early 20s. but severe life stress can cause somebody later in life, like this man, in his early 40s, to also develop delusions? >> absolutely it can. i want to emphasize first, most don't engage in violence. but people may have a propensity, or a family history to this disease, under severe stress. dire financial conditions, loss of multiple jobs. can develop this break from reality. >> his wife tried to get him help from a doctor, but he refused. how difficult it can be to make an adult seek help they clearly might need. >> this is so true.
7:36 am
what's critical is what people often don't know is law enforcement or the criminal justice system can play a key role in getting someone like this into treatment and back on track. these are largely treatable conditions. >> all right. unfortunately, after you've gone on a crime spree like this, justice will prevail. all right. dr. randazzo, thanks for being with us this morning. we'll have more on this case as it develops. in the meantime, it's time for the weather. we'll check in with sam champion on that nor'easter. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. even after a snowstorm, new york city folks and visitors are out with us here this morning. some people are prepared for the weather. some spent the entire storm last night -- happy birthday, madi. what were you doing at the height of the storm? >> we were shopping. >> it was your birthday. did you buy anything great? >> clothes. >> well, happy birthday. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. we're going to start with the western storm. the east coast storm wasn't the only one on the board. there's nine states getting
7:37 am
winter weather out of this, even blizzard conditions. this is the next storm to move across the country. it has cold air with it. watch the salt lake city temperatures go down. >> we can expect some sunshine afternoon, some breaks in clouds. 41 degrees. warming up this afternoon >> all that weather was brought to you by the u.s. postal service. let's go back inside to -- >> elizabeth. >> all right. okay. thanks. coming up, the high-speed heist caught on camera. how jewelry robbers ripped off a mall in the middle of the day on two wheels. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi.
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we love that music. we're not talking about a movie. 7:41 now. we're back with a brazen jewelry heist caught on camera. british police say a gang of robbers on motorcycles tore into a shopping center in the middle of the day. it's a shocking scene that witnesses say seemed like it was ripped right out of the movies. abc's jeffrey kofman has the story. >> reporter: it could have been a scene ripped straight from "the bourne ultimatum." but this isn't hollywood. it's a shopping mall in north london this week. brazen thieves, traveling in pairs aboard motorcycles.
7:42 am
their target, this jewelry store on the mall's upstairs level. shoppers and mall employees couldn't believe what they were seeing. watch closely, as the guy with the ax smashes the glass railing. >> it's really scary. and i have some young girls that work close. >> reporter: the six thieves were all decked out in motorcycle leathers, helmets, with dark visors down. they nabbed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches. a shopper filmed their escape on her cell phone, as they hopped on the bikes and sped to the exits. if it's like a scene from the movies, it is. remember "the italian job"? but here in london, the preferred vehicle is motorcycles, not minis. two years ago, as a cnn reporter was filming on the street in london, another smash and grab gang sped off with stolen jewelry.
7:43 am
police recovered the motorbikes from the mall robbery in a nearby golf course less than an hour later. but they have no idea who was driving them. for "good morning america," jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> unbelievable. >> wow. >> unbelievable. and so is this. coming up, a real football star, in josh's "play of the day." wait until you see meet sam, the other sam. a pint-sized sensation. >> not that one. ♪
7:44 am
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, mories are made with ikea. here's "the play of the day." >> it's not a "play of the day." it's a player of the day. take a look. 9 years old, but only just begun. that comet blasting down the field is 9-year-old sam gordon.
7:48 am
a pint-sized football player from salt lake city, with numbers most would envy. 35 touchdowns, nearly 2,000 rushing yards and 65 tackles. oh, and did we mention that it's sam's first season. or that sam, well, sam is short for samantha. >> all of the boys are, like, well, it's a girl. >> reporter: on monday night, sam's dad uploaded this compilation of her highlights, playing in salt lake city's gremlin league to youtube. by the next morning, nearly 500,000 people had seen it. >> i thought it was impressive. and it appears other people enjoy watching her, as well. >> reporter: so many are marveling at her speed and skill. not because she's a girl playing in a male-dominated sport. but because she's completely dominating all of the boys, something that doesn't seem to
7:49 am
bother her teammates. >> hut. >> she's really good. she's fast. she's made a lot of touchdowns. so, we made it to the playoffs. >> reporter: it turns out sam, well, has other ambitions. >> one of the things i want to do when i grow up is play on the professional soccer team. >> think about that. it's not even her best sport. we're so happy to have sam and her father, brad, with us, via skype, from south jordan, utah. sam, i have to tell you. i've not seen many 9-year-old football players better than you. what's it like? we saw the moves, took it for 65 yards and the touchdown. what's it like when you're out there playing against the boys? >> it's just, like, everyone asks if i'm nervous. but most of the time, it's really fun. i'd rather be scoring the touchdown than the boys. >> you're helping me out with my daughter at home.
7:50 am
brent, when did you first see that she had the talents that we're now seeing on our television set? >> well, i knew that when she was a little girl. she was about 3 or 4 years old, we would play soccer out in the yard, with all the -- my older son, who is a few years older than her. and they'd try to be a little rough with her and push her down. and even intentionally trying to kick the ball at her. and she wouldn't be fazed and keep getting up. i had an idea that she had an aggressive mentality back then. >> she certainly does. we know you want to be a soccer player. we have a surprise for you. we have a great soccer player to say hello. you know who carli lloyd is, sam? carli, are you with us? >> yes, i'm here. hi, sam. >> hi. >> pretty impressed with the football video. incredible. >> thanks.
7:51 am
>> you're leaning more towards soccer, you think? >> yeah. >> that's awesome. well, keep working hard and keep dreaming. i don't know. you look like a pretty good football player, to me. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:56. i am steve chenevey. d.c. getting ready for the inauguration, the already workers are platform stage where sworn in obama will be for a second term. a bunch of hotels already said aboutre getting calls around alability inauguration a time. mother nature not being kind to by regina sandy
7:57 am
dumping rain and wet snow on many places. -- hit hard by hurricane sandy. hundreds of the flights are canceled. 8 with an in-depth report coming up at the top of the hour. check your morning commute. a couple troublespots come interstate 95 virginia. of fredericksburg, northbound near rte. 3, stafford still a a towwaiting for truck. the ramp toward left exit onto the inner the beltway. to put you on the map, 66 church, cleanup continues with the crash. and maryland beltway crash. let us to do jacqui jeras. hello. you breaks in the clouds. increasing an sunshine. reagan national, for the
7:58 am
at dulles. 37 and gaithersburg. the clouds will clear out. 55 your afternoon high. the seven-day. slightly warming up for your friday. for sunday. >> thank you for being with us. we will be back at
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] chilly, sloppy thursday morning here in new york. but that has not dampened the spirits of our crowd, right out there in times square. celebration going on. right now, they are happy and smiling. >> you need them this morning. >> hi to robin, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. elizabeth vargas here with us today. sam, i have stuff that i think i have to pass over to you. a big challenge coming up. >> oh. >> wait a minute.
8:01 am
i thought this was to help you sleep after the election. >> you're a dear friend. >> it's coming up. >> apparently, i'm the judge of an anchor challenge. i'm not allowed to know. >> i think you're terrific. >> look at what you're competing for. >> come back to the trophy for one second. >> i have been after that for years. george, you got it for five years running, right? >> i'm stepping down today. >> it's a nice shoutout to robin, as well. she loves the whisk. it's her favorite. it's the favorite in the cooking. hi, robin. >> it's a cookoff, right? >> a cookoff. also ahead, superstar designer, tory burch, is in a real-life "war of the roses" with her ex-husband.
8:02 am
her style and clothing line, so inspirational for women around the country. she now says her entire fashion empire is under attack right now. did her ex-husband steal her secret of success? that's coming up. >> there are -- >> there's a lot written about the similarities. >> there's similarities, yes. we'll hear about that. plus, gel manicures are the rage at the salon. can you do them at home? we tried it out and we'll show you our results. not on mine. even blindfolded, i know a good deal when i see one. we have our special jewelry edition of our "deals and steals." i needed a drumroll on that and i didn't get one. believe it or not, this is one of our favorite things. what's under the box? you don't want to miss this. incredible deals. join us. >> a whole lot coming up. let's start with news from josh. >> we're going to begin with the
8:03 am
powerful storm that sam and the extreme team have been discussing all morning long. slamming the northeast, as millions struggle to recover from hurricane sandy. parts of new jersey and connecticut got more than a foot of snow. winds topping 70 miles per hour. it brought down trees all throughout new england. thousands of customers who just got their power back in the aftermath of sandy has been plunged into darkness again. forced to cope with the cold. much more fallout from hurricane sandy. an estimated 250,000 cars and trucks are too damaged to be saved, including some 16,000 new cars being shipped into the ports around new york. things appear calmer on wall street this morning, just one day after stocks suffered their worst day of the year. investors have grown more concerned about the so-called fiscal cliff, now looming at the end of the year, in congress, when billions of dollars in tax cuts could expire. house speaker john boehner says
8:04 am
he's willing to work a deal with president obama to prevent that from happening. at least 48 people are dead, more than 100 missing this morning after a major earthquake in guatemala, neaear the mexico border. the 7.4 magnitude quake triggered landslides and collapsed dozens of buildings. we'll have updates. and medical news. evidence that statins may not just help with heart disease but also cancer. a study just released in "the new england journal of medicine," looked at cholesterol-fighting statins and found that patients taking them at the time of their diagnosis was 15% less likely to die from the disease. walmart will be kicking off the shopping season earlier than ever. the company will begin rolling out discounts at 8:00 thanksgiving night.
8:05 am
and now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." good morning, diane. >> hello, josh. good morning to speak to you again. house speaker, john boehner, will give his first interview after this historic election to us. we'll have it for you. what's next for the republican party? will they work with the president? >> so much to see there. finally, talk about seeing something we actually had to make triple-certain this wasn't just a photoshopped picture. take a look. 28 mountain climbers. it looks like it's a time lapse piece of photography. it's not. posing in near-perfect symmetry. the arch, 3,000 feet high, making them look like little ants on a hill. took them five hours of climbing. it's right on the border between switzerland and italy. get down and eat something, next to italy.
8:06 am
>> how high up is that? >> like 3,000 feet. >> wow. >> that's really beautiful. it was like looking at a work of art. that's beautiful. >> i'm just happy i can answer elizabeth's follow-up. >> this is a follow-up-free zone. >> okay. how about "pop news", everybody? good morning to you. we haven't talked about these two in a while. pippa middleton took some time out from promoting her party-planning book, to have a girls night out. we love the gno. there was one guy allowed to come with him, that's the royal pooch. the three were shopping in london, looking fabulous for fall. kate, in a jacket, skinny jeans and suede boots. pippa went with a zany style, with a blue leather jacket. it's being reported that william and kate and the queen of england have reached out to
8:07 am
president obama to congratulate him on his re-election. we know about kristen stewart and robert pattinson. what about their other co-star. christian lautner says the qualities for a good relationship is honesty and loyalty. he has never been involved in a relationship when there was cheating. so, he couldn't comment on whether trust could be regained. probably good with another week of promoting the film. >> i would have dodged that interview. >> hopefully, he'll never find out. also in "pop news," while most assume james bond is the role of a lifetime, daniel craig candidly said he's been trying to get out of it since he landed the part. he's under contract for two more movies after "skyfall." but he told "rolling stone," if doesn't do well, they'll be happy to let him go. how is the movie? in the article, he says he
8:08 am
thinks it's quite good. and for his best physical attribute, which the interviewer asked him, he said it's his ears. and i think that elizabeth and i would both disagree with that. >> i think the whole package. >> yeah. >> he's getting like $300 million overseas already. >> he's donating his salary to charity because it such a burden to be james bond. >> i don't know. >> i'm excited to see the movie. >> me, too. >> and hearing adele sing the theme song. we haven't heard about madonna and gaga's feud in a while, either. madonna told a st. paul audience she extended an olive branch to gaga and invited her to sing a duet. but she said gaga said no. the diva told cynthia mcfadden that it was reductive of her
8:09 am
song, "express herself." she told the concert, i've been rejected before. it builds character. and clearly a little resentment. and that's "pop news." >> jumped right in there. hey, sam. >> hey. good morning, gang. a little cold air. a little snow. a little nor'easter doesn't stop folks from coming into times square. this is a gals' trip, right? where are you from? >> indiana. >> tell me your names. >> katie. >> meghan from cleveland. >> and? >> jan. >> nice to see you. who are these people if you're here? >> these are my daughters. my husband is taking care of them. >> that's a good guy. you guys can have the weekend and a little fun. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about this morning. look at this picture from freehold. so many pictures coming in on twitter. see the power lines in that part of the picture that brought the trees down? this is heavy, wet snow. there's a lot of leaves on the
8:10 am
trees up there. that's one of the reasons we're so concerned about this storm as it pulls away. that there will be additional power outages and trouble getting around, after we just went through it last week. off goes the low, up into the northeast. there's afternoon of snow, wind and rain for new england. but milder and drier air pulls in. looking at cooler temperatures dipping >> i am jacqui jeras. peaks of sunshine on our arlington.d 42 at reagan national. 41 in manassas, bwi. in gaithersburg. we will warm up but we will be about 10 degrees below average. warming up from here on out with a gradual warming trend. >> we're moving around times square pretty good right now.
8:11 am
but let's go inside to -- >> lara. >> thank you very much. here's what's coming unon our "gma morning menu." it's a real-life "war of the roses." did the husband of tory burch steal the secrets of her success? can you save money and get salon results? we'll let you know our findings. and a special jewelry edition of "steals and deals," just in time for the holidays. and all less than $40. that's coming up on "good morning america," in times square. my friend told me about a great new way to get deals.
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8:16 am
[ cheers and applause ] hello to everyone out there in times square right now. and we're going to turn from them to the story of the superstar fashion house caught in a showdown. tory burch is accusing her husband of stealing company secrets to make a rival line. linsey davis is here with that story. >> reporter: you've heard of the it factor in fashion. how about the x-factor. tory burch and her husband, chris burch, have been divorced for six years. but they're about to head back to court, for his clothing line, which she says looks too much like hers. you might call it the fashion world's "war of the roses," or war of the rose-colored cardigans. husband and wife chris and tory burch made the tory burch brand in 2004.
8:17 am
their logo, one of the most recognizable in fashion today. >> the idea is to mix outdoor, english country, with modern. >> reporter: but the twosome now find themselves on opposite sides of a nasty battle of the brands, after chris burch started a competing mall brand called c. wonder this year. >> don't believe the tory burch company has a monopoly on bright-colored sweaters. >> reporter: tory burch disagrees. and the two are involved in lawsuits and countersuits. she says he stole her secrets. this is tory burch on the left and c. wonder on the right. industry insiders say it's not just the new store's decor at issue, but the products they're selling. tory burch scandals and cardi n cardigans on the left. c. wonder on the right. >> i don't believe tory burch customers who are looking at
8:18 am
spending $400 or more for a sweater, are going to be looking at c. wonder and vice versa. >> reporter: "vanity fair" talked with chris burch for its december issue. and size while the ex-spouses may be battling each other, the fight won't hurt either of their fans. >> i think tory is going to continue to expand her business and continue to be america's golden girl. and i think chris is going to continue to open new brands. i think he's going to expand c. wonder. i think c. wonder has a real chance. >> reporter: tory burch declined a request for comment. but chris says, unlike their marriage, the former couple's clothing brands can co-exist peacefully. chris burch not only wants to sell his shares in tory burch, he's speaking compensatory damages. and wants his ex-wife and four directors removed from the board. they head to court in april. >> thank you, linsey. >> and wear a cardigan. thank you, linsey.
8:19 am
now, from clothing to manicures. long-lasting gel manicures are wildly popular right now. and devotees can spend up to $1,000 a year by getting these. you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, right? with a salon-worthy result? we hope. paula faris tried it out and is here to tell us. can we do this at home? >> reporter: you can. i like your manicure. i like that color. >> thank you. it's voter blue. my mom hates it. >> reporter: i approve. those salon manicures can add up. it's no surprise that roughly 91% of women do their own nails. these home gel kits are really the direction of the nail industry. i was fascinated by the claims, but skeptical they would sustain my rigorous wear and tear. gel manicures offered at salons and their promise of two weeks of chip-free nails has become
8:20 am
the hottest trend today. >> they're the complete game-changer. >> reporter: but that long-lasting look can come at a steep price. the average cost of a salon gel manicure ranging from $30 to $40, that can run $1,000 a year. now, companies have unveiled do-it-yourself kits, saying they also last up to one or two weeks. >> every polish company out there is creating a new at-home gel manicure device. and now, the race is on to come up with the latest and greatest. >> reporter: do they really give that salon look? or is it best left to the pros? we went to fix beauty bar in new york city, to get a professional gel manicure, but on only one hand. turning that off. time to relax. the gel color is applied. and in just 30 seconds -- wow. the nails are dry. on the other hand, i have a go on my own, with an at-home kit. so nervous. are you ready for the moment of
8:21 am
truth? here's the salon. and here's me. they look great. but will they last? so, the gel polish is supposed to last up to two weeks. and i'm going to put it through the wringer. i also enlisted two busy new york city women to try two other versions of at-home gel manicure kits. lily tried one that retails on the low end of the spectrum for $14.99. >> at first, it was a little complicated. once you got past the first hand, it was easier. >> reporter: the nails started off looking good. but after one day, the nails on one hand started to chip, even whoa nutrinail said it would last a week. we wanted to try another kit. margarita tried a gel kit that retails for $120. >> i was surprised how quickly it dried up. and it does not look like
8:22 am
typical nail polish. >> reporter: the finished product, in general, looked great. but after two days, it started to peel off on one hand, which margarita attributed to a mistake she made in applying the polish. i put my own nails through the ultimate wringer, giving my kids a bath, cleaning, even painted my foyer. so, how did they fare? the moment of truth. the salon manicure did last longer. but a little operator error. that's because i didn't apply it all that well. i learned it's crucial to have a clean nail. and you have to apply gel polish differently because it's not the same consistency as regular polish. >> it looks great. >> don't get too close. it gets easier and easier when you do it. nutrinail, we reached out to them. and they said, it dries rock-solid with a brilliant shine in five minutes and lasts up to a week. right up your alley.
8:23 am
>> okay. a little bit of time. lots of benefit. >> we'll go to the salon together. >> a mani and pedi together. it's time for "deals and steals." great jewelry for you, our "gma" viewers. all of it less than $40. perfect for birthdays and the holidays. our trend, tory johnson, has done it again. a quick reminder, before we show you what's under these boxes, these are while supplies last. and they always go. so, go to our website, for all the promo codes and the links you need to get the bargains. hi, tortory. >> hi. i'm more decked out in jewelry than ever. >> mrs. king. >> are you ready? >> number one. bingo. >> this company is calmed masty. it's equestrian-inspired bracelets. two different sizes. so fun to wear. for this company, with every
8:24 am
purchase, you're going to get a free bracelet, a bonus just for "gma" viewers. normally, this doesn't come cheaply. $145. for us, exclusively slashed, 33 bucks. huge savings. >> 77% off. wow. "deals and steals" number two. >> no one's talking. >> everyone's logging on to iphones. >> you are wearing one of my favorite pairs. these are debuting for the first time on "good morning america." these are the grand cabo. not just available in these three colors. also, you have a choice in gold settings or sterling silver. i love the earrings because they're so lightweight and so big and beautiful. >> i bought these the last time around. >> i think you will buy these, too, when you hear this price. normally, $79. slashed for today only, 39 bucks.
8:25 am
>> 51% off. next one. are you ready? bingo. >> sacred jewels. these are beautiful necklaces. it's called the inspiration necklace. semi-precious gem stones. eight different color combinations that you can choose from. normally, superexpensive for these. $170 regularly. but slashed just for "gma" viewers. 39 bucks. >> 77% off. i love this. >> big savings. >> here we go. >> this is fun. from a jewelry designer named da nell la swik. you take your watch and you have five different choices, just from that one box. isn't that fun? >> my niece is going to love this. >> look at that ring. >> and you just change them out. >> you change them out. >> you can change the metal. >> and uncle sam doesn't mind the price, either, on these. normally, for this set, it's $175.
8:26 am
but for "gma" viewers. >> there you go. >> this is the one that everyone in the studio, did you bring my initials? it's a wrap bracelet, with the initial. you can wrap it two or three times around your wrist. you have to love this. look. there happens to be an "l" right here. we'll give you a real one to demonstrate. huge celebrity following on these. i happen to love it. it's one of my favorite fonts. normally, $165, dlashed. 39 bucks. and there's an exclusive bonus deal that you'll find at that you'll love. >> tory, thank you. we thank all of our vendors. we'll be right back. go online. check it out.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:27. i am steve chenevey. we are going to find out more morning mike garrett recover fromrts to sandy. -- about the garrett county. many power outages in part of the state. and about 30 minutes the board commissioners will update the various state of emergency. if you plan to fly during the thanksgiving travel time, expect crowded planes and crowded airports, high airfare prices, too. nearly 24 million people between november
8:28 am
and 27. about 150,000 more than last year. planes are expected to be packed. fewer planes expected to be flying because of skyrocketing fuel prices. couple problems. i do not know about this one. river road. can come avoid this. spoke with traffic management .ontrol, they have adjusted the signals. police in that area, this is tail end of a huge backup at river road. crow and the area. big distraction crew. >> a lot of shaking on not lost camera. the wind picking up. a few clouds we are seeing now e should getut and w some sunshine. degrees at reagan national. the high between 50 and 55.
8:29 am
much warmer seven-day. 60's this weekend. >> thank you for watching. we are back again at 8:56. see you then.
8:30 am
♪ a nice crowd inside. we have a big one outside, as well. a little chilly in times square this morning. we brought everyone in with us to see about the award of the golden whisk. >> look at this. they twirl. >> sam's gone into the isolation booth right now. he's ready to judge. he cannot hear. he cannot see. but he's going to judge between. >> that's right. the iron chefs are here to help josh and lara redeem themselves. the competition is intense for the golden whisk trophy. there's been a lot of smack talk behind the scenes. we had to separate the two of them with fire hoses.
8:31 am
>> and sam's made out this morning. he's gotten bribes from both of them. and he can't hear a word. >> i think he should stay like this all the time. >> we were talking about how honored you are. >> i love you all. also coming up, i'm very excited about this. anyone who loves "downton abbey," will be happy to see, jessica chastain, spilling all of the secrets about their new roles on broadway. we're going to talk to them coming up. sam, you're up. >> really? you blindfold me and you tell me i can't hear anything. and you want me to do -- >> coming up. the holiday spirit. kids geared up to write letters to santa right now. josh, has sarina written her letter yet? why yes, sam. she's going to be getting hers. and we'll tell you how all those
8:32 am
letters can actually help children. >> this is a great story, about how you can help, you know, make dreams come true. yep. first, we're going to get to that cookdown, smackdown. between josh and lara. they're trying to redeem themselves after some of their culinary mishaps here on our own "gma" set. and they have the best coaches possible. two of the competitors from "the next iron chef: redemption." nate appleton. and before we get started, you're raring to go. we want to look back at how lara didn't pass the poached egg test. >> really? you have to go there. >> lara, are you ready for this? >> yes. >> why are you picking up the vinegar? this is what i do. you're going to crack the egg into a round first. the reason i do that first, if you break the egg like that, you can start again.
8:33 am
>> okay. >> this way -- >> we have a new show. it's called reck a chef. >> it was a good try. i thought it was a good try. >> you're groaning. i'm sorry. >> you're going to make poached scrambled eggs with prosciutto. >> i'm going to show you how to do it. it's a fool-proof method. >> are we going to do it before josh is? >> yes. >> let's do this. i'm listening. >> water. egg. >> i got that. >> want to create a vortex. >> you scramble the egg and you throw them into the water. >> you spin the water like that. >> spin the water, pour it in. >> why not do a traditional scrambled egg? what's better about a poached egg? >> they're soft and a lot cleaner, actually. >> okay. >> no oil, no butter. >> i love that, though. you want me to do it? >> done.
8:34 am
>> 20 seconds? that's it? >> that doesn't look right. i'm sorry. i'll let you do that. i did it. >> there they are. >> yes. >> good job. you have redeemed yourself. >> yes. >> and you do what with the spinach and the cheese? >> it's really easy. rye toast, spinach, a little prosciutto, some of the eggs on top. >> a great combination of spinach and prosciutto. and do you like it open-faced or closed? >> it depends. it's all up to you. >> looking a tad messy there. >> no, it's not. look how that works. >> this is "iron chef." >> now, we're going to go to josh. josh, you kind of -- excuse me. sam, i'm going to move our blindfolded judge. you screwed up on the turkey meatballs. i'm sorry. >> it was just turkey. >> a turkey carving catastrophe. no lives. take a look. >> you want to take the full breast off. >> ow.
8:35 am
>> are we okay? >> are you -- >> oh. >> no. >> i guess we know who won this contest. >> he plays hurt. alex is here to help you. we're swapping out turkey. we don't want anymore bleeding on the set. >> that's good. >> with turkey meatballs. >> i wanted to redeem you. i made a meatball. >> thank you. and i breaded them in corn meal like this, to give it a little thanksgiving panache. just drop the meatball and step away from the knife. >> done. >> and when they're all browned, we drop them in here. and i need you to stir. look how you're doing. >> fantastic. i will say, alex can speak to the bacon. remember the bacon with emulsified candy? >> i like to create a little
8:36 am
pillow. and let's have a meatball with a little sauce on there. >> has our judge, sam, tried the sandwich? >> i gave him a little bite. he's going to get one more bite because it's so good. >> lara is feeding sam. >> like the baby brother he is. sam, go over and have josh's. >> come on. right here. >> you know, i can't hear or see anything. >> right? you know that, right? >> ready? >> does he need a pallet cleanser? >> he's ready. >> take your time. >> ready? here you go, buddy. >> who loves you? who loves you, sam? >> lara, i love you. i honestly do. give me a hug because i'm going to let josh win. >> you know, i finally thought george wasn't in the competition. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. you are delightful. that was delicious. >> the golden whisk goes to
8:37 am
josh. i'm okay with that. >> excellent. >> we have the great recipes. >> i want to say, alex is phenomenal. watch her on "the next iron chef: redemption," sundays on the food network. you can get the recipes you saw here, on yahoo! sam, you look great in a smoking jacket. you look terrific. >> now that we've won, we think you look great. >> oh. >> do you want seconds? >> it's 8:40 in the morning. >> only one could win. they're both delicious. let's get to the boards. we'll show you one or two things. one or two, that you need to know as you head outside the door. twitter pictures are rolling in from this nor'easter. all kinds of snowy, morning starts. take it easy if you have snow on the ground today. and it's likely you will continue for a little longer. from boston, worcester, to maine
8:38 am
today. that's where the wet snow continues. where is it warm? where the you get away to? dallas at 79 degrees. oklahoma city at 76. midland, odessa, coming in at the 80s, as well. how about vegas? 76 degrees. denver, you're 70 degrees today. that's not too bad. but that changes as the new storm in the northwest you can expect to see some, the conditions to start. temperatures in the 40's, upper 30's style of their. increasing sunshine throughout the day. >> we are -- i know. i'm still eating. it's time for our "modern family" sneak peek of the week. >> wait. you're a bulldog? >> yeah. you? >> i knew there was something about you i liked.
8:39 am
>> beside letting you win? >> there's a big game today. you want to watch it together. i'm late for a showing. no pressure. we could watch it at my place. i'll text you the address. >> it was great meeting you, phil. >> you, too, dave. >> hey, it's me. you were totally right about this gym. i just met the cutest guy. >> what did i tell you? that place is like a gay bar with dumbbells. redundant. >> "modern family," at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. i'm here with our friend and colleague, bob woodruff and american heroes right here. captain eric quick, staff sergeant jodi filial. and we're all here because tonight is standup for vets. what's going to happen tonight? >> this thing has been sold out very, very early on this. we're going to have the first
8:40 am
three rows going to be filmed in by about 60 of those service members, also family members, about 120. been flown in here from outside of new york. some of them, the first time they've been here. but we're going to see, springsteen's been here, six years in a row now. we have robin williams going to come. >> ricky gervais. >> we have roger waters and pink floyd. >> roger waters and pink floyd is going to be playing with a band made up of veterans? >> there's more than ten that have been wounded in the war. they're going to be his band when he's going to get up there. they're going to come and play songs for you that you know about. and john mayer is going to be there. john mayer cannot sing right now. his voice is not -- he's on a vocal rest. and so, he's going to go up and play acoustic, in front of all of the guys out there. >> it is going to be a great show. and it's for a fantastic cause. you've raised over $10 million for the cause. >> we have about 60
8:41 am
organizations. and we're doing more of this every year. it's amazing these guys came here. we had fears this was going to be canceled. >> the nor'easter. >> when we arrived. >> it's been good. >> it was. you have the storm yesterday. >> yes. that's correct. in the aftermath of the storm, and the nor'easter, you know, we thought this was going to be canceled. but it's a true testament to the foundation and to the stand up for heroes, just the dedication and passion they have for what they're doing, they didn't look back. it was mission first. kept it going. we're here and it's been a wonderful time. >> you were able to get to this. you've gone to afghanistan and iraq. and now, in new york. i have to say one thing, too. the seats are completely filled. we have 2,600 in for this gigantic event in the beacon
8:42 am
theater. for those who can't make it, for the first time, you can see it on youtube. you can check it on on and you can watch it around the country, all of this music. play live tonight. >> it's always such a fantastic show. you're doing good work. thanks for coming in. thank you. >> thank you very much. we'll be back. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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some things won't last 2la5 yea. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
8:45 am
welcome back. it is 8:44. i'm so happy to be sitting here with jessica chastain and dan stevens. both of whom are taking over the bright lights of broadway, hitting the stage in "the heiress," about an heiress and a passionate suitor that may or may not be after her for her money. i love this because you don't know. i'll start with you, dan. >> we like to keep them guessing. that's the fun of this play. the audience reacts in different ways. >> how about you? i know you've been involved in theater your whole life. >> i've done more plays than films. it's surprising to people because all of a sudden -- >> we hear about you a lot. >> everywhere, in movies. it's been really great. this is my broadway debut. it's been a dream to be on broadway. and to be here with this ensemble and to meet dan who is wonderful.
8:46 am
and the play is very exciting. >> it is a great pairing. i want to ask you because your character has to be a little bit plain. but in real life, you're so far from plain. and we were talking before. >> thanks. >> the new face, everybody, of "yfl." how is that to go from that aspect of the job, to having to plain it down? >> thank you for that amazing compliment. as an actor, i want to play different kinds of women. and i don't want to be associated with a certain look for each part because also, i want to be allowed to age. and the wonderful thing about playing celia foote in "the help," and in "heiress," they look so different. >> you've proven yourself and your capabilities. hey, you're beautiful. >> oh, you're beautiful. so are you, dan. >> dan, in case you didn't know,
8:47 am
he's on a show called "downton abbey." and you've nailed your american accent for this play. was that hard for you? >> i listen to jessica. >> you talk exactly like me. >> i enjoyed doing accents and voices and things. it's amazing to have an opportunity to do it professionally on a broadway stage. a little nerve-racking. >> truly, i forgot you have a british accent. i didn't. i'm not sure if you're aware, we're big fans of "downton abbey" here. sam and i performed with you. take a look. >> i do mean to involve you in the running of the estate. >> there's only so many hours of the day. and i have the weekend. >> what? it's a weekend. >> yeah. >> wow. >> are you terrified? >> that is amazing. >> amazing. >> when we did that scene
8:48 am
together, i knew we really -- >> we had a connection. i really felt that. >> you're unrecognizable. >> i like to slip into my roles. >> and you have the british accent down pat. >> speaking of "downton abbey," when people heard you were on the show today, we were inundated on social media. find out if he's going to stay. will you or will you not? >> we have to learn if there's a series coming. all that to look forward to. i guess the answer is wait and see. >> perfectly said. my friends, my fellow actors. everybody, check out "the heiress." happen right here at the walter kerr theater here in new york city. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," we're going to write letters to santa. and it's all for a good cause.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
i have to tell you, this is the most fun part of the morning. look at josh. he can't resist a baby. we are thrilled to kick off something that's very special for the holiday season. it's all about giving. and actually, you can really help a bunch of extraordinary kids who need your help. it's part of a campaign that macy's started. it's called the believe campaign. take a look. have you got a letter right there? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: that's the sound of joy. a picture-perfect moment of pure happiness. the make-a-wish foundation has been making the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true for over 30 years. wishes of becoming police officers, marines, even pop stars, for one day. ♪ reach for your soul >> reporter: they granted over 225,000 wishes, about 1 wish every 38 minutes.
8:52 am
>> these children and their families, their world turns upside down. and in the midst of that turmoil, make-a-wish asks a simple question. if you could wish for anything, what would it be? >> reporter: the past five years make-a-wish and macy's have partnered together, making more wishes come true. >> our macy's believe campaign is designed to bring back the spirit of the holidays by doing something wonderful. >> reporter: here's how your family can help? all you have to do is write a letter to santa claus. bring that letter to any location around the country. drop that letter in the believe box. and for every letter received, macy's will donate $1 to a make-a-wish foundation. >> we know that people love to write letters to santa. all we're asking them to do is bring them to the macy's believe mailbox. >> what's great about this is any kid at any age can help a sick kid have their wish come true.
8:53 am
>> so, you'll recognize this mailbox. we have one here. it's the macy's mailbox, believe meter on top. go to the a macy's store in your local area and mail those letters. we'll keep an eye on how much we have been able to help those folks. >> start writing those letters. are you ready to mail? >> can you mail them? >> get over there and mail those letters. >> can you reach the mailbox? >> okay. >> bring up the line. okay. can you get in there? there's another one. there's one more. good job. >> hey. right here. >> hey. right here. right here. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffe for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte.
8:56 am
i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor. it's my kindlaf latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! we have a full desk this thursday morning. >> yes, we do. >> ring that bell. go for it. >> here we go. ready? >> we have ne-yo performing live. and keira knightley in a new movie. >> and facials you can do in your kitchen. yay.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:56. i am steve chenevey. a d.c. resident senate candidate for an advisory neighborhood seat.sion perishshe assaulted him mcc anddidate for the lost.6 but eric anderson said he saw one of her sons in our polling place, picked it up and planned to give it to her or a ticket to a and that is when knocked him to the ground. on assaultested charges. votingplaints about long linescluding registration issues. turnout for early voting with 68% -- it was lower than in 2008. >> on 66, better news. gone insideng crash the beltway near washington boulevard. now improving. us to get out of arlington, ,owards the washington tunnel filter and a closer to the destination.
8:58 am
baltimore boulevard, sycamore boulevard, problems with the signal light. no delays in northbound here. have delays on 355 off the beltway and to 70. not quite out of the woods yet. now look at the forecast with jacqui jeras. quite out of the woods clouds yet either. but sunshine trying to get in it. get more throughout the .ay reagan national. 39 in gaithersburg. forecast, looking for clearing skies. afternoon and cooler than average by about 10 degrees. we will warm up from here on , 60's by the weekend. >> good news, looking forward to that. thank you for wa
8:59 am


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